Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Pirate Adventures and Baby Kisses

Elisha got a pirate hat last week from his great Aunt Celia, along with a pirate puzzle and the game battleship. He wore the pirate hat constantly for 5 days, even adding a feather to it to make it more like a real captains hat. He did let Malachi try it out, and what a cute little Midshipman did he make! 

About 2 weeks ago Malachi started to give baby kisses back to me whenever I would kiss him all over his face. Or, a better way to describe them would be slobbery open mouthed attacks. It is a fun game to kiss him until he is giggling, then let him come at me and slobber on my face. 

We are starting to give Malachi finger foods. He seems ready, and when I put some sweet potato puffs on his tray, he had a blast chasing them around and trying to maneuver them into his mouth. Most fell on the floor, to the delight of the dog, but I'm sure in no time he will get the hang of it. He has now tried banana pieces, cooked carrot pieces, and the sweet potato puffs. No gagging yet; he very happily gums the food until he can swallow it. 

I am constantly amazed at how unique each child is!!

Brothers! They love to play together, and Elisha can make Malachi laugh like nobody else. 

Sweet potato puffs, nom!

Hanging out in his crib while we play and work upstairs

He loves looking at his mobile

I love my cutie!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

6 months!!!

Lots of exciting things happened this last month! Malachi rolled over from front to back in early March, and on March 9th he rolled back to front. He is getting better and better every day at sitting up, and much prefers it to laying on the floor. We started solids with him, and he is loving everything, as long as we shovel it in as fast as he wants. Avocado gave him a pause, and apple sauce gave him a diaper rash, but he is LOVING eating. He lunges for everything I am eating, and has taken a few good sized chunks out of some crackers before I realized what had happened! 

Probably the biggest development for us is he's mostly sleeping through the night! After 6 weeks of attempting to sleep train him, I nearly lost my wits. We hired a pediatric sleep consultant, and within 5 nights he was sleeping so much better. Now 3 weeks later he can fall asleep on his own, stay asleep most of the night with only one feeding, and ALSO take most of his naps drama free. It has been a long hard road for all involved, but the little bags under Malachi's eyes are going away (the parental units were not the only ones sleep deprived!), Elisha is back up in his own bed (he slept in the living room for a good portion of this) and I am feeling like myself again. Yay for sleep! Also, the sleep consultant ended up waving her fee, as long as I promised to go do cranial sacral therapy with Malachi. She let me choose whomever I wanted to go to, but she felt so strongly that Malachi would benefit from it that she made me promise to go. The two services combined have made a world of difference!! 

1 second after laying down......
2 seconds after laying down......

2 1/2 seconds after laying down......

3 seconds after laying down......

Elisha is such a good big brother. Here he is feeding Malachi some sweet potatoes! I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, Malachi or Elisha!

Bunny ears!

He sure loves his piano! He bangs away on it and gets the biggest grins!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Elisha is 8!

Eight! Can you believe it?? Wasn't it just yesterday he was a little baby?? I feel like 8 is when little boys turn into.....well, just boys. Elisha is not little anymore, that's for sure. He is the tallest one in his class, and recently when doing laundry I get confused when I pull out his jeans. Surely these must be Dieters, they can't be Elisha's! You know your little boy is growing up when you mix up your husbands and sons clothes....sigh. 

Elisha asked for a spider-man theme, and so we gladly rounded up supplies to make cupcakes, a cake and a pinata. The pinata only cost us $6 to make! It was a blast seeing the kids try to wreak it, though I think that Dieter was a little scared he would get bonked. 

The kids made personal pizzas, and we all shared in the creations. It was a very fun time had by all! 

I'm not much of a cake decorator, but I think this turned out pretty good!
Papa Ron time!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Month 4 and 5

Malachi was a busy boy, growing and practicing rolling. At 5 months, he is so close, and he knows it. He rolls onto his side and just screams because he can't get that last little bit over. I know in the next few weeks he'll get it!

On February 17th, we got to spend some quality time at Children's. Here's what I wrote on facebook.....

"Malachi's cold took a turn for the worse yesterday. He started throwing up and he was listless and his lips turned blue, so we took him to urgent care. They couldn't figure what was wrong so they sent us to Children's Hospital. We rode in the ambulance from urgent care so they could give him oxygen along the way. They ended up admitting us and we spent the night so they could observe him. Did you know those machines go "boop boop boop" all night?? We're home now, he's doing better. Hopefully we never have to do that again."

Snuggling with my sweet boy on a cold winter day

Trying out the Johnny Jump Up for the first time